Call for Papers

You are invited and encouraged to present a paper, and it is MOST IMPORTANT that you advise Committee Member Marlon Reis by e-mail ( ) BY NO LATER THAN 2nd FEBRUARY 2018 of your intention to submit a paper, including the title and your preferred method of presentation (see registration form).

The invited guest speakers will be allocated a maximum of 30 minutes, including discussion.

Contributed oral presentations will be allocated 20 minutes, including discussion).

Poster presentations are welcome, and the organisers reserve the right to allocate you a poster presentation instead of an oral presentation, depending upon response to the call for papers and in the interests of a balanced programme.  There will be a dedicated poster session, with presenters able to give a very brief outline of their work during an informal walk around the poster displays.

Guidelines for preparing papers

Sample paper

All papers must be submitted to MARLON REIS by no later than Friday 2nd March 2018, which is also the closing date for registrations,